Our Volunteer Consultants unite from around the world on _SocialStarters programmes in India, Sri Lanka and Brazil. They are aspiring social changers with diverse career backgrounds, who have a desire to make an impact during their six-week consulting projects with grassroots Social Entrepreneurs.


    Here's what some of our Volunteer Consultants have to say about their #SocialStarters experience.



    "I quit my job to spend the summer in Brazil working with _SocialStarters and have returned full of ideas, inspiration and energy. I needed to figure out what I wanted to do with my career and my life and the program not only gave me the space I needed to do that but pushed me to do things I wouldn't have had the confidence to do otherwise and discover skills I didn't think I had."


    _SocialStarters Graduate, Brazil, June 2015

    "I had a great experience with my clients and feel the partnerships with the British Council and The Good Market can offer a lot. I learnt technical and softer skills from both clients and fellow consultants and came away from the programme with a clearer vision of my future career(s)"


    _SocialStarters Graduate, Sri Lanka, July 2015

    "This was a very intense, mind-blowing and productive six weeks with like-minded people who are not only passionate about social enterprise and career change, but who have also enriched my life in so many other ways and personal experiences."


    _SocialStarters Graduate, Auroville, August 2015

    "My experience with _Social Starters was great. I connected with like-minded people and got the confidence to start my own projects back home."


    _SocialStarters Graduate, Brazil, June 2015.

    "A practical approach that allows you to apply newly acquired start-up thinking to local social enterprises in Rio's communidades. You will work with fascinating, visionary entrepreneurs to help them shape their business and make a real impact on the local Rio community."


    _SocialStarters Graduate, Brazil, June 2015

    "From the training week to the work with clients, I felt inspiration, excitement, and a sense of importance from the very frst day. It is hard to replicate that in the current job market, but now I am committed to replicating this experience in everything I do from now on."


    _SocialStarters Graduate, Colombo, July 2015



    A glimpse into the impactful work our volunteer consultants completed in 2015

    Emma Wilson

    Check out Emma's blog post

    A former brand controller at an international corporation, Emma worked with UMeed, a women's empowerment and education
    client in Hyderabad, India.



    Emma supported her client with:

    • Business strategy
    • Financial modeling 
    • Website prototype  


    Laura Nora

    Check out Laura's blog post

    Laura worked with Livreteria Popular Juraci Nasciment, a mobile library to improve literacy amongst young children in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.



    Laura supported her client with:

    • Business model re-structuring
    • Internal communications
    • Programme strategy

    Rob Wilson

    Check out Rob's blog post

    While transitioning from investment banking to management consulting, Rob worked with RideIT, an online carpooling service for working professionals in Hyderabad, India.



    Rob supported his client with:

    • Financial modeling
    • Product strategy
    • Design Thinking

    Paul Goff

    Check out Paul's blog post

    A former supply chain management consultant, Paul joined the Hyderabad, India programme and worked with vRemind, a mobile vaccination tool for parents.


    Paul supported his client with :

    • Marketing strategy
    • Funding strategy 
    • Partnership opportunities 

    Wendy van Leeuwen

    Check out Wendy's blog post

    Wendy applied her communications background to her work with women's empowerment fashion handbag company, Natura, in Colombo, Sri Lanka.


    Wendy supported her client with:

    • Marketing strategy
    • Marketing materials production
    • New sales channels development

    Lizett Trujillo

    Check out Lizett's blog post

    Lizett leveraged her corporate consulting and entrepreneurship background to help her client, Coletivo TRAMA, better connect people to places in Rio, Brazil.


    Lizett supported her client with:

    • Online platform prototype development
    • Business operations analysis
    • Strategic focus

  • Brazil Clients

    Check out some of the clients our Volunteer Consultants have been matched with in Brazil.

    Livreteria Popular Juraci Nascimento

    Mission: A mobile library with the goal of boosting literacy and literature engagement amongst children and young people.


    Support from Volunteer Consultants: Business strategy, development, communications.


    Black Santa

    Mission: Promote black heritage and culture positively through a monthly hip hop event. language


    Support from Volunteer Consultants: Partnership opportunities, business operations analysis.


    Coletivo Trama

    Mission: Transforming empty urban spaces and creating cultural events for the community.


    Support from Volunteer Consultants: Business operations analysis and online platform prototype development.

    Poesia de Esquina

    Mission: Help the community to connect more with literature through poetry workshops and events.


    Support from Volunteer Consultants: financial modelling, marketing and organisational development.


    Loja Maria Chantal

    Mission: Using fashion to raise awareness and challenge issues of racism, social exclusion and discrimination affecting young black Brazilians.


    Support from Volunteer Consultants: Branding, finance and budgeting and business strategy and development.

    CDD Na Tela

    Mission: Use theatre and cinema to help empower children and young people to express themselves and know their rights.


    Support from Volunteer Consultants: marketing, business planning and partnership development.


    "Being part of a programme on an international scale helped to reinforce to me and the young people that we work with that what we are doing is very important…"



    Volunteer Consultants supported with:

    • Business strategy and development
    • Communications
    • Programme Design


    "[The support I received from my volunteer]

    will help to mature my project a lot. The vision for my brand is developing along with my view on the finances and growing sales for my business."


    Volunteer Consultants supported with:

    • Business strategy and development
    • Branding 
    • Finance and budgeting

    "Having a new perspective helped us to look at our ideas differently and allowed us to do two very important things: exchange our experiences and re-evaluate our project based on the reality that we are working in."


    Volunteer Consultants supported with :

    • Business planning
    • Project implementation
    • Strategic direction
  • Sri Lanka Clients

    Check out some of the clients our Volunteer Consultants have been matched with in Sri Lanka.

    Good Market


    Mission: Making it easier to find and choose products that are good for our environment, our communities, and our health.


    Support from Volunteer Consultants: Business analysis, marketing and branding.


    Surangani Voluntary Services (SVS)

    Mission: Working to develop better learning environments for children in Sri Lanka since 1992.


    Support from Volunteer Consultants: Finance and budgeting, marketing and product development.

    Thusare Talking Hands

    Mission: To establish a process that empowers blind people from disadvantaged communities to become equal partners of sustainable development in Sri Lanka.


    Support from Volunteer Consultants: Finance and budgeting, marketing, CRM strategy.

    Chitra Lane Children's Centre

    Mission: To care and provide for children with special needs.


    Support from Volunteer Consultants: Business strategy and development, finance and budgeting, product development.

    EMACE Foundation

    Mission: Working towards adaptation to climate change and mitigating adverse impacts on environment and ecology.


    Support from Volunteer Consultants: Customer research and business strategy and development.


    Mission: Investing in courageous girls.


    Support from Volunteer Consultants: Communications and new sales channel development.


    Islander (Sevalanka) Foundation

    Mission: To enhance the capacity of rural communities to democratically identify and address their own development needs and provides services that contribute to the economically viable, socially just, and ecologically sustainable development of Sri Lanka.


    Support from Volunteer Consultants: Product development and marketing strategy.

    Without Borders

    Mission: To develop sustainable community driven development models for impoverished communities.


    Support from Volunteer Consultants: Marketing, branding and business planning.



    "Our consultant was genuinely interested in everything we had to say and the ideals we believed in. She put her 100% + into the project and really tailored her plan according to our requirements."


    Volunteer Consultants supported with:

    • Business planning
    • Marketing
    • Branding

    "We are extremely grateful to _SocialStarters for running such a useful programme, for the benefit of organizations like ours. Thank you!"




    Volunteer Consultants supported with:

    • Business strategy and development
    • Finance and budgeting
    • Product development


    "It was a good experience! It's nice to work with foreign people and show them the Sri Lankan culture!"




    Volunteer Consultants supported with:

    • Finance and budgeting
    • Marketing
    • Strategic Development
  • India Clients


    H2o Cabs

    Mission: Reduce Hyderabad's traffic by offering a cab sharing service for work commutes.


    Support from Volunteer Consultants: Branding, business strategy & development.


    Mission: Provide sustainable community livelihoods by empowering women to become entrepreneurs through skilled apprenticeship.


    Support from Volunteer Consultants: Branding and Business Strategy.


    Mission: Improve child immunization by providing parents with timely reminders.


    Support from Volunteer Consultants: Marketing strategy and partnership development.


    Mission: Empower women from low-income communities by creating a platform for their financial independence.


    Support from Volunteer Consultants: Business strategy, financial modelling and creating a website prototype.



    Sattva Lifeskills Centre

    Mission: Empower young adults with high-functioning Autism and Down’s Syndrome to realize their employment potential.


    Support from Volunteer Consultants: Branding and financial modelling.




    Mission: Match commuters with rides to work to share the cost and to help reduce city traffic.


    Support from Volunteer Consultants: financial modelling and service strategy.



    "The consultant match with our requirements was perfect!"




    Volunteer Consultants supported with

    • Fundraising
    • Marketing and branding

    "The programme was well-planned and our consultants were really good at their work."




    Volunteer Consultants supported with:

    • Budgeting and financials
    • Branding

    "Our consultant's eye for detail and proactiveness is something which was great. It was asking for suggestions and working together, not just giving solutions."


    Volunteer Consultants supported with:

    • Budgeting and financials
    • Marketing
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